About ACCUY Natural Solutions™

ACCUY Natural Solutions™ is located in the state of New Jersey with manufacturing facilities located in Baja California, Encenada Mexico. We are the manufacturers and producers of our own guaranteed 100% all natural products used to treat any and all forms of organic and ammonia based odors. Our product does not simply act as a masking agent or a temporary cover up, instead Smell Guard™ naturally binds to the source of the odor, converting it into a non-toxic nitrogenous compound that is environmentally friendly allowing for maximum odor control at all times.

Our products use was originally discovered in 1993 after learning that it was useful in reducing the odors commonly found on wetsuits caused by bacteria and ammonia (urine). Since then, we have evolved into a dominant player in the odor control industry, helping not only to control unwanted and obnoxious odors, but aiding with the reduction of chemicals being used which are consistently causing harm to people, animals and our environment.

As direct manufacturers of our product, and its active ingredient, Yucca schidigera, we have positioned ourselves accordingly with a sustainable harvesting program in place to be able to accommodate the supply of our product. As the world we live in today continues to recognize the uses of all natural solutions, we strive to create a safer environment while continuing to grow as a company.

Regulatory Yucca schidigera is classified by the EPA as a wetting agent exempt from the requirement of a tolerance under 40 CFR 80.1001 Mohave Yucca (Yucca schidigera)