Customer Reviews

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I would like to say thank you so very much for offering this unbelievable product. I cannot even begin to tell you how many other products I have tried with regards to removing the odors from my daughter’s soccer shin guards. Your product lived up to its claim and my daughters shin guards are now odor free. Thanks.

- Carol C., Red Bank NJ

It’s about time a product actually did what it says it would do. Thanks so much, your product worked awesome with removing the smell from our dog that had gotten sprayed by a skunk.

- Chris N., Sacramento CA

My husband and I are restaurant owners, we purchased your product and found that the results were not only extremely effective to use in our grease trap, but we also did as your website suggested and we now dilute the product and use it to treat the odors in our trash cans. Thanks.

- Cindy and Joe P., West Virginia

I would like to share my wonderful results with you. I am a maintenance supervisor for a nursing home in New Jersey your product was recommended to me by a friend who had used the product to treat odors around there dumpster area. I went ahead and purchased your product and we now use it to mop our bathroom floors as well as using it as a way to control the odors in our trash dumpsters.

- Tom M., Newark NJ

Your product saved the day. Our basement had a horrible septic system backup. Unfortunately this happened in the evening time and trying to get a service company to come out immediately was impossible and so expensive. My husband poured the product into the septic water and within no time the horrible odors were gone. Of course we still had to have a service company come out that Monday, but even they asked us, how come it does not smell.. Thanks for offering such a great product.

- Janet F., Florida