Treating Uniform & Workwear Odors


Smell Guard™ is great to use on your everyday uniforms and work wear. Ideal for law enforcement officers as Smell Guard™ is a 100% guaranteed all natural product, which is non flammable- non toxic- non corrosive and contains no VOC’s. Smell Guard™ may even be used to treat hard to deal with odors commonly found on kevlar material. As many products being offered on the market today are merely masking agents or cover up fragrances, Smell Guard™ is the natural choice for dealing with odors caused by ammonia (sweat), keeping them controlled and odor free.

Why Choose Smell Guard™?

  • Treat unwanted odors 100% naturally without the use of masking agents or chemicals.
  • Safe to use around people, pets and plants
  • Does not contain any form of chemicals or VOC’s
  • Non Flammable – Non Corrosive – Non Toxic
  • Easy to use
  • May be used on any porous or non porous surface

How To Use:

Use full strength. No mixing required. Liberally apply fine mist directly to the source of and all odor retaining surfaces. Smell Guard™ must penetrate to the source of the odor. Smell Guard™ treats odors at their source, in the air and on any “water safe” surfaces. Before applying this or any other product, you should always test surface for color fastness in a inconspicuous area. The noticeably slight herbal scent upon initial application dissipates rapidly along with the target odor. Stronger results in odor reduction are typically noticed after the treated surface has completely dried.

*As an all natural product, Smell Guard™ does present a natural tint in coloring. If using product on very light or white colored surfaces, it is recommended that you treat the area with ACCUY Natural Solutions™, allow product to dry and then wipe area clean using clean water.

  • Additional applications may be required based on the individual strength and location of odor.
  • The use of this product is not known to cause any permanent staining.
  • Concentrated product will appear darker in color then that of the ready to use product.